Land use & Ecology

Datasets Name of the Project Dataset Area Output Themes (Scale)
Sensor Year District
1 ISRO-Geosphere-Biosphere Programme on Land use / land cover dynamics and impact of human dimension in Krishna river basin (2009-2012) Landsat MSS (80 m), 1985 Krishna River Basin "Land Use/ Land cover and socioeconomic map and
Predicted map of 2025 for land use, 1:25000"
LISS I (56 m) and 1995
LISS-III (23.5 m) data 2005
2 National Land Use/Land Cover Mapping Optical datasets 1989-90 Telangana State 1:250000
3 National Land Use/Land Cover Mapping-1st Cycle  (2005-2006) Resourcesat-1, LISS-III 2005-2006 Telangana State Land Use/ Land cover or natural resource map of 2005-06, 1:50000
4 National Land Use/Land Cover Mapping-2nd Cycle (2011-2012) "  Resourcesat-2, LISS-III" "  2011-2012" Telangana State Land Use/ Land cover map of 2011-12 and change matrix w. r. t.  2005-06, 1:50000
5 National Wasteland updation projects Telangana State 1:50000
6 National wasteland monitoring, Change analysis Multitemporal satellite data Telangana state 1:50000
7 National Urban Information system 2 towns Nalgonda,Adilabad 1:10000
8 Identification of Suitable sites for urban local bodies for municipal soild waste disposal Telangana State Telangana State