Land use & Ecology

Urban Local bodies are under serious threat of encroachment and pollution due to rapid growing rate of urbanization and industrialisation. The main objective is to identify the lakes vulnerable to encroachment and feeder channels under threats for better planning for action against encroachment of lakes/ponds, assist for alternative way for sewage diversion, planning for conservation to improve the overall lake environment and its surroundings for enriched biodiversity. The data can be shared by all the implementing agencies to work in coordinated manner to draw suitable action plan for the lakes/ponds which are under serious threats.

Data set:
Merged Imagery of Cartosat-1 PAN 2.5 m+ LISS IV MX 5.8 m.

Creating a vulnerability index of the lakes Map of encroachment area of lakes/ ponds.
Identification of changes in the feeder channels blocking the inflow into the lakes. Scale:1:5K

Sponsored by National Remote Sensing Centre, ISRO, Department of Space, and Government of India.

TRAC has contributed in spatial depiction of reliable Land and Water resources information at 1:10,000 scale to support effective Management of Natural Resources in Planning, Implementation and Monitoring of Developmental activities.

For the first time in Telangana state Landuse/Land Cover mapping at 1:10,000 scale is completed for entire Telangana State, which would be of great use for all the developmental activities of the State.