Line Departments

1. Trainings in the field of Remote Sensing and GIS to officials from various line departments is given to spread the use of technology in their planning process.

2. Training to working level staff of the line departments to represent their data in map format.

3. Training on use of the maps and web applications developed by TRAC for various developmental works.

Students from other Institutions

1. Training the students of Universities and Colleges in Remote Sensing and GIS through short term certificate programs.

2. Technological overview training for students of Universities and Engineering colleges.

3. Industrial/Organisational visits of students to the centre to understand the practical aspects of Remote Sensing and GIS applications and also the opportunities of software development in these fields.

4. Six month project trainings for MSc/ Mtech (Geoinformatics or related studies) students, to undertake software project at TRAC.

Customized Training

1. Trainings on the web applications developed by TRAC for professionals from other departments are customized, depending on the project and for home the application is developed.

2. Training in the field of Remote sensing, GIS, GPS, Photogrammetry and their applications can be customised as per the requirement from institutions.