Mobile GIS

Mobile GIS provides an outdoor operation platform for field surveyors to collect, modify, and measure the spatial data in an easy and effective way. Today, it is possible to gather field data using application (app) available on mobile device such as smart phones and tablets, extending the traditional indoor GIS manipulation to the outdoor work. This application requires no additional hardware, as it makes use of the Smartphone's internal sensors to gather data, and costs very little compared to dedicated instruments such as GPS systems and clinometers.

Mobile applications provide an interesting solution to the challenges of data collection and manipulation. With the rapid development of mobile communication technology, where mobile phone are not only used to call or send short messages, but also a smart tools. It offers a more advanced computing ability and connectivity than a phone with contemporary features. In GIS field these smart phones are acting as small-sized computers or terminals which can display maps and location information for end-users. Cross-Platform mobile development tools are gaining popularity in the world of smart-phones due to their characteristic features to compile the application source code for multiple supported OS’s. Such tools are mainly depending on web programming languages. TRAC aims to develop a Cross-Platform Mobile Application for Field Data Collection and it is created by Phone Gap mobile development framework using standard web development technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP which helps avoid developing same type of application separately.

This mobile application contains the form having features such as photos and latitude, longitude values, point attributes. All the data are collected and stored locally on the device. Later, the data is uploaded to an online repository using Internet connectivity.