Land use & Ecology

Sponsored by National Remote Sensing Centre, ISRO, Department of Space, Government of India.

National Remote Sensing Centre has communicated to TRAC, about the following three projects being taken up at national level and for Telangana State TRAC would sign the MoU, with NRSC.

Waste Land Mapping

A detailed satellite data interpretation for extraction of all the wastelands of the state would be carried out.

Land Use Land Cover

Land use Land cover mapping at 1:50,000 scale is being carried out at an interval of 5 years at national level 2015-16, Land Use Land Cover Mapping would be carried out and would be compared with 2010-2011, 2005-06 Land Use Land Cover mapping for knowing the dynamic land use changes taking place over a period of time.

Land Degradation Mapping

Land degradation mapping of the Telangana State would be taken up for 2015-2016. The impact on biophysical environment through various human induced factors would be studied in this project.

Sponsored by National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC), Ramagundam.

NTPC Ramagundam got the clearance from Ministry of Environment and Forests for setting up of Telangana Phase-I (2*800 MW) project. The clearance is with a condition that Landuse/Landcover status must be generated using the latest authenticated satellite imagery and should be submitted on annual basis.

NTPC Ramagundam has approached TRAC in this regard, as per the requirements of the Ministry, a proposal to interpret and analyse annually the multi date satellite imagery, for monitoring the Landuse/Landcover for five years is submitted.