Water Resources

Sponsored by Ministry of Irrigation, Government of Telangana.

It is an in-house project for I&CAD Department in continuation of Consistent monitoring of command areas under Major and Medium Irrigation Projects, from the last few years, TRAC has monitored, the seasonal cropping pattern of the command areas in both Kharif and Rabi seasons, using Remote Sensing techniques supplemented with field data. The result acquired from the study is of immense use to the Irrigation department for planning the water management activities under the command of each Irrigation Project.

Study Area :7 major and 34 medium irrigation projects of TS


  1. Efficient water management at all levels of water distribution.
  2. Identification of agricultural productivity for assessment of resources, environment and the returns from investment.


Sponsored by National Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD).

All the watersheds completed by NABARD in Telangana state needs monitoring for which NABARD wants to host the watershed data in NRSC Bhuvan portal. TRAC has prepared a proposal for preparation of 36 watersheds in Compliance with Bhuvan portal. It was assured by NABARD after completion of this work another 200 watersheds needs to be prepared in similar lines.

Sponsored by Irrigation and Command Area Development (I&CAD), Ministry of Irrigation, Government of Telangana State.

As part of Re-Engineering of Irrigation projects in Telangana State the Gouravelly Reservoir capacity is increased from 1.410 TMC to 8.23 TMC, in this process houses of 15 hamlets have come under submergence, Irrigation department needs the support of TRAC in identifying the legal constructions eligible for compensation. For the area of 115 Sq km TRAC has proposed to process very high resolution satellite imagery for analysis of all the assets in the submerged area on the date mentioned to compensate legally valid citizens.


Development of web based Tank Information System for all tanks in Telangana Query and reporting facility through compilation of natural resources information related to all tanks of catchment and command areas


Web portal consisting of tank memoirs, location details, hydraulic and hydrological particulars.